Bayesian and Neural Systems (BayesWatch)
Machine learning research group in Edinburgh

The Bayesian and Neural Systems Group (which somehow became informally known as BayesWatch), is the research group led by Amos Storkey in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Many members are part of the wider machine learning group within the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation.

Current members

Dr Henry Gouk

RAEng research fellow


Dr Antreas Antoniou

Research associate

Luke Darlow

PhD student

Paul Micaelli

PhD student

William Toner

PhD student

Asif Khan

PhD student

Chenhongyi Yang

PhD student

Adam Jelley

PhD student

Justin Engelmann

PhD student

Thomas Lee

PhD student

Trevor McInroe

PhD student

Miquel Espinosa Miñano

PhD student

Past members

Jon Clayden → 2007

Ben Williams → 2008

Andrew Dai → 2012

Jono Millin → 2013

Simon Lyons → 2014

Jinli Hu → 2016

Matt Graham → 2017

Ksenia Andreyeva → 2018

Gav Gray → 2019

Jack Turner → 2021

Eleanor Platt → 2022

Wenwen Li → 2022

James Owers → 2022

(Research Associates in bold)